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Your NOT so Traditional Wedding!

Meet Bianca & Roberto! I remember the first time meeting them! They were such a sweet and amazing couple. They knew they did not want a traditional wedding. Her vision was more about ensuring her guests would have an amazing time! They met in Middle school and have never been apart since. They had a venue set and just need assistance making their special day happen.

We were off to a great start planning when I receive a very upsetting text from Bianca

3 months before her wedding that her venue closed and we no longer had a spot for the wedding. I reassured her we will find a venue her and I started calling and emailing all venues in the area to find her a venue that was not only still available but also that it would not compromise their vision. We found it! We were back in motion.

The venue was at a gorgeous estate in San Juan Capistrano which was perfect since their wedding ceremony was taking place at the Basilica in San Juan Capistrano.

Bianca & Roberto stated we don't want to spend so much money on big huge floral arrangements. We want some floral but simple and we have been collecting caguama beer cans to use for decor, building our wood signs, making giant jenga games, etc. I have experience in floral design she showed me some photos of her vision and I made it happen!


Day of the event my staff and I stopped by to check on Bianca at a local Airbnb she booked. While she was getting ready, I presented her with her gorgeous bouquet with her special request of 1 single sunflower in it. She loved it!

My staff and I headed back to  the reception site at the Estate. Where we set up all her floral, games, and decor. We directed vendors as it was a little confusing how to arrive to the estate and many of them got lost. The vendors knew I was only a phone call away and they wouldn't have to bother the bride or groom with questions.

This event was one to remember. Bianca and Roberto had a blast along with the rest of their guests. Once guests arrived from the ceremony my staff and I greeted them, directed them to their seats, bar, app stations, and where the nearest restrooms were. Someone requested a sewing kit and we immediately assisted them. I always bring my "Emergency Bridal Kit" with me which is not only for the bride and groom but for guests as well.

There was delicious food provided by Back to the Bone, Open Bar, some appetizers to munch on, live mariachi music, a churro man making freshly made to order churros, lawn games, a surprise dance by the groom and groomsmen, the vibora del la mar, dancing, shots, and even a mechanical bull. They ended the fun and romantic night with a sparkler exit and a dip in the pool!

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